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The Ruckus accreditation and certification offerings are being enhanced to align with the wired and wireless portfolios. Refer to this site for updates on availability of new exams.

Dates/Days/ Times: May 13-15, 3 Days, Wednesday-Friday, 9am-5pm, (Hong Kong Time Zone (HKT, UTC+8)

Location:  This will be a "Virtual-Live Instructor-Led" Training delivered online via Zoom. 

Type of TrainingVirtual-Live Instructor Led Training with Hands-On Labs.

Ruckus ProductsRuckus SmartZone/ Virtual SmartZone 5.1, and Unleashed.

Course PurposeTo enable Dell L3 Support Engineers to provide support services for Ruckus- Dell Rainbow-3 Product Release

Instructor(s): Trevor Stevens, Sr. Instructor, CommScope- Ruckus Education

Target Audience:  Invited Dell L3 Engineers who have completed the Prerequisites for the L3- Support Course

Requirements for L3-Support Training

-          Invited Dell Engineers

-          Before taking this course, attendees should have completed the following courses:

-          Rainbow-2 L1/L2 Curriculum

-          Ruckus LAN-WLAN Fundamentals

-          Ruckus Products: Access Points

-          Ruckus Cloudpath 200

-          RASZA 200 - Ruckus Associate SmartZone Administrator (OS5)

         Supplemental- YouTube Playlists

-          Ruckus SmartZone

-          SmartZone OS5 Update

-          Ruckus ZoneDirector Release 10

-          Ruckus CloudPath

-          Ruckus Smart Cell Insight (SCI)

-          Rainbow-3 L1/L2 Curriculum

-          R320 Product Overview

-          R510 Product Overview

-          R650 Product Overview

-          R750 Product Overview

-          T750 Product Overview

-          Ruckus Unleashed Online Training

-          T310d Product Overview

-          SmartZone Licensing  (ETA- March/April) 

-          Students should have dual monitors for optimal participation in this class

Training Includes3 Days Virtual-Live Instructor Led Training, PDF. Course Book, Hands-On Labs, Certificate of Completion

Course PriceThis training is provided Free of Charge to invited Dell Engineers.

Course Agenda:

-          Day 1:

  • Introductions
  • Module 1: Implementation Considerations
  • Lab 1     Finding your MAC address
    • Logging into the lab
    • Locating your lab device MAC address
  • Lab 2     Building an Open WLAN
    • Configuring the Lab setup
    • Creating an Open WLAN
    • Testing the WLAN
    • Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • Module 2: WLAN Best Practices
  • Lab 3     Building a PSK WLAN
    • Building a PSK WLAN
    • Testing the WLAN
    • Troubleshooting and repairing the WLAN

-          Day 2:

  • Module 3: Network Troubleshooting
  • Module 4: Clustering
  • Lab 4     Building an 802.1X WLAN
    • Building an 802.1X WLAN
    • Testing the WLAN
    • Testing RADIUS
    • Troubleshooting and repairing the WLAN
  • Module 5: Using Built-in Tools
  • Lab 5   Spectrum Analysis
  • Module 6: DPSK

-          Day 3:

  • Module 7: Unleashed
  • Lab 6 Unleashed (Instructor Led)
  • Module 8: Basic Packet Capture
  • Lab 7 Packet Capture Examples (Instructor Led)
  • Additional Labs if required or requested by Dell (taken directly from the RAZA200 Guide)

Auto ConfirmationYES- Students will receive an automatic email once they enroll in the Training Portal.

Post Course SurveyYES- The instructor will walk students through the Course Survey at the end of the class. 

Printable CertificateYES- upon completion of Online Post Course Survey.