Cloud Specialization Training

The Cloud-Specialization program will help new and existing channel partners increase renewable revenue streams across multiple verticals, including retail, SMB, hospitality and education.

This course is designed for a general audience including Ruckus sales personnel, system engineers and Ruckus Partners desiring a high-level understanding of all Ruckus products

The course provides an overview of the Ruckus Cloud solution, demonstrations of how to use the Ruckus cloud dashboard to install and configure venues, Ruckus access points, create WLANs, set up public networks with various types of security, monitor your WLAN network, analyses network parameters and set up administration accounts for various users. It also includes modules on how to troubleshoot access points if they are not connecting to the Ruckus Cloud. 

This assessment consists of 30 questions that cover the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Online training course.  You must pass the assessment with a score of 80% or better to receive credit for successfully completing the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi online training Course.