This web-based training is designed to describe the recommended best practices for deploying RUCKUS access points in conjunction with RUCKUS ICX Switches. The course will provide an overview of the entire network architecture providing wireless connectivity but will focus on device connectivity at the access layer. This includes AP and switch connectivity to RUCKUS management solutions, Power over Ethernet (PoE) operations, VLAN considerations, access security concepts and the monitoring of client connectivity through the infrastructure.

This course provides Ruckus Customers/Partners/SEs with a good overview of the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard

This course provides Ruckus Customers/Partners/SEs with background details on the Ruckus SmartMesh technology that is available with SmartZone Network Controllers, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, Unleashed and ZoneDirector Controllers.

Purpose of the course

This course is designed to give a knowledgeable wireless networking professional the skills to describe the differences between chip-based beamforming and the Ruckus BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna technology.

Delivery Method: Three online training presentations

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Presenters: Victor Shtrom, GT Hill, David Callisch, Marcus Burton, and the Ruckus Education instructional design team



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This course describes the need for the ChannelFly technology, its functions and features and how to configure ChannelFly parameters using the ZoneDirector GUI and how to adjust Mean Time Between Channel Change (MTBC) options using the ZoneDirector Command Line Interface (CLI).   



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This course gives an introduction to Ruckus Airtime Fairness Technology, why it is needed, its functions and features, and shows an example of throughput distribution with and without Airtime Fairness


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This course describes Ruckus SmartCast, the foundational quality of service (QoS) technology that inspects, classifies and schedules traffic. Traffic classification can occur as a result of analyzing the various aspects of incoming data.

Classification Includes:

  • 802.1p priority levels
  • ToS/DSCP values
  • OSI Layer 2/Layer 3/Layer 4 filters
  • Heuristics (UDP traffic)
  • Multicast processing (special handling of subscription-based multicast traffic)


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This course describes the key functions and features of  Ruckus Smart Security (SmartSec), a collection of advanced security mechanisms, including the ability to dynamically generate pre-shared keys, role-based user access, wireless client isolation, and wireless intrusion detection. 


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Who should attend?

Ruckus partners and sales teams responsible for selling SmartZone 100, Virtual SmartZone (vSZ), and Software as a Service solutions.

Purpose of the course

This course gives a brief product overview of Ruckus SmartLicensing platform. The module introduces the process for activating and managing licenses with SmartLicensing. The course demonstrates the flexibility and advantages that it provides the customer for managing licenses. Licenses include: Appliance, Software, AP Capacity, AP Tunnel, and Support contracts.


  • Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
  • Activate a Controller
  • Manage AP Capacity Licenses
  • Activate Support Entitlement Licenses
  • Offline SmartLicensing Management
  • Cluster Licensing
  • Distribution/VAR Activation and Management

Delivery Method: Online Video Presentations

Duration: Approximately 30 Minutes

Presenters: Lawrence Kevin


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Who should attend

Ruckus partners and sales teams responsible for selling Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) solutions.

Purpose of the course

This course gives an introduction to Ruckus SPoT from a Sales perspective. The first module introduces SPoT, why we need the "location intelligence" provided by SPoT, the components of the SPoT architecture, and the benefits to our customers. Additional modules cover Monetizing SPoT, the SPoT Partner Ecosystem and a demonstration of the SPoT Analytics Dashboard. Finally, key sales and marketing tools are included for reference.

Delivery Method: Online Video Presentations

Duration: approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

Presenters: Melvin Yuan and Steve Wimsatt


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