This course covers the Ruckus licensing process for RUCKUS SmartZone appliances, RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone, RUCKUS SCI, RUCKUS SPoT, RUCKUS ZoneDirector and the RMA process for RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone.  

Course Description


This course introduces students to foundational knowledge of wireless communication concentrating on the application, use and implementation of Wi-Fi technologies. 

Who Should Attend:

Ruckus employees, partners, systems engineers (SEs), and customers

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Explain the IEEE 802.11 protocol and the organizations that help implement and define it
  • Describe radio frequency operations and factors that impact data communications over a wireless medium
  • Understand the tools used to measure wireless signals and the calculations available to make wireless communications more predictable
  • Describe the components that make a wireless networking infrastructure
  • Describe the various types of wireless antennas and other hardware that allow wireless communications in different operating conditions
  • Explain the radio frequencies used by wireless devices and the channel use limitations imposed on them
  • Understand how wireless devices gain access to the wireless infrastructure-Explain how wireless devices access the medium to exchange data frames
  • Describe the various architectures and tuning requirements for a successful Wi-Fi network deployment

This lesson introduces server virtualization, defines what a hypervisor is and how it functions, describes the two hypervisors that Ruckus is currently using for it's vSCG strategy and describes the Ruckus VM Infrastructure for the vSCG. 


  • Describe Virtualization
  • Define Server Virtualization
  • Describe what a Hypervisor is
  • Describe the two types of Hypervisor options
  • Identify the two Ruckus Supported Hypervisors
  • Become familiar with the Ruckus VM infrastructure for vSCG

Duration: 14:30 Minutes


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